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Food of the street,

fuel of a nation

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What is Koshari ?

It is Egypt's national dish, eaten daily by over 30 million people: Koshari is a healthy, tasty, & nutrient rich mix of grains, chickpeas, zesty tomato sauce, marinated & spiced plant / protein, topped with crispy onion shavings and a sprinkling of doqqa nuts, straight from the souks of Cairo.

Legend has it that Koshari was the meal

that Ancient Egyptians relied on

to build the Great Pyramids 


Our House Bowls
(V) = Vegan

Classic Koshari (V)

Classic Base, Tomato Sauce, Chickpeas, Garlic Da’aa Vinaigrette, Crispy Onions


Aubergine Falafel PNG.png

Aubergine Falafel Koshari (V)

Multigrain Quinoa, Egyptian Molokhia, Tangy Aubergine salad, Falafel balls, Pickled Chillies, Tahini, Crispy Onions


Plant Power

Plant Power Koshari (V)

Multigrain Quinoa, Tomato Sauce, Sumac Cauliflower, Batata Harra , Chickpeas, Sumac & Mint Dressing, Crispy Onions


Shawerma cut.png

Shawerma Koshari

Quinoa rice salad Base, OG Hummus, Chicken Shawerma, Pickled Chillies, Crispy Onions



California Koshari (V)

Multigrain Quinoa, Tomato Sauce, Chickpeas, Batata Harra (Sweet Potato), Salad, Pickled Chillies, Crispy Onions

Beef Halla no gold_edited_edited.png

Beef Halla Koshari

Classic Base, Slow Cooked Halla Beef in thick brown sauce, Nile Salad, Crispy Onions


Levantine Koshari (V)

Classic Base, Egyptian Molokhia, Batata Harra, Crispy Onions


Chermoula chicken

Chermoula Chicken Koshari

Multigrain Quinoa, Tomato

Sauce, Chermoula Chicken, Chickpeas, Parsley & Lemon Labna, Crispy Onions


Fit Chicken

Fit Chicken Koshari

Classic base, Egyptian Molokhia, Marinated Chicken, Tahini, Chickpeas, Crispy Onions


Lamb & Beef_edited.png

Lamb & Beef Koshari

Classic Base, Tomato Sauce, Stewed Lamb & Beef mince, Chickpeas, Tahini, Crispy Onions

image (8).png
chicken shawarma wrap copy_edited_edited
beef halla wrap_edited_edited_edited.png
Super food salad_edited_edited.png
Harissa Hummus_edited_edited.png


Beef Halla

Labna Chicken

Shawerma Chicken 

 Spiced Falafel (V) 


Nile Salad

Baladi Salad

Superfood Salad

Zaatar Sumac Hummus

Harissa Hummus

Corporate Orders - Events- Catering

Whether it's a birthday, wedding, team event or regular lunch meals at the office we cater to all needs

Reach out to us on Whatsapp or call us for a same day quote and next day delivery


Here's what some of our corporate customers have to say​​​​​​

"We've ordered from Koshari Street for our team lunch several times now. The service and delivery is great, food arrives hot and is very healthy" - Jon


"We regularly order food from Koshari Street for the team. Great food, consistent service and great value for money" - Amber

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"Everyone is raving about the koshari, everything was delicious. tasty and healthy food, smooth delivery and process" - Alessandra

"Absolutely amazing and generous! ordered it for a group and they were very happy with the quality and the taste" - Abby

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Koshari Running Club 

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You can find us at

Covent Garden

(Opening Times)

Sunday — Tuesday

11:30am – 7:30pm

Wednesday - Saturday

11:30am - 9:00pm


Shop address:
56 St Martin’s Lane, London,WC2N 4EA

+44 (0)747 5515 423


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